For companies

To companies we offer a specific and customized recruiting and training support on Direct Selling.
We propose plans and activities that we follow directly alongside the companies or
we develop innovative training programs for management and vendors.

Pins on calendar

Our facility operates in different areas or functions including:

  • Research, selection and job insertion (vendors, direct selling agents and networkers)
  • Selection’s techniques and methodologies and each different channel’s planning
  • Managing issues related to contracts and administration as well as regulations support
  • Specific recruitment consultancy (Executive search)
  • Planning and coordination of preparatory activities related to HR
  • Professional figures’ tutoring and support (role and professional growth analysis and management of MLM levels and downlines)
  • Create and/or review Marketing Plans and Commission Plans for operational management of representatives, distributors, levels and downlines with the support of specific management software (link)
  • Planning and operational phases in order to implement and expand the sales network through various recruitment channels (traditional, references, reputation …)
  • Managing all already existing professional figures and introducing new ones
  • Creating or managing Direct Selling and MLM teams
  • Reviewing and planning business goals, projects and individual professional career aimed at HR
  • Creating and organizing backings such as house organs
  • Incentive and motivational programs development